Speech Therapy

Alcott School provides speech and language therapy as a related service for children enrolled at the Alcott School locations. Most speech therapy is conducted using a “push in” model enabling the children to benefit from services in their classroom learning environment utilizing the materials the children use every day. This approach results in the generalization of therapeutic goals into the child’s everyday life. Our therapists are specialists in language development, PROMPT trained and utilize a variety of techniques as appropriate for each child. Speech and language therapy services at the Alcott School are provided by NYS licensed speech pathologists and NY certified Teachers of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped. For more information on speech and language therapy at the Alcott School, contact Marilyn Donnellan, Director of Special Education at 914.693.3737 x 1108. Please note that in order to qualify for these special education programs, children must be evaluated and found to be in need of service. All Programs are funded and regulated by the New York State Department of Health and Education and in Westchester County by the Westchester County Department of Health. There is no cost to parents for the special education services listed above. Transportation is provided for eligible children.