Why Alcott?

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Welcome to The Alcott School

Alcott was founded in 1968 and has an outstanding history of providing high-quality early educational experiences for young children in a Montessori environment. Our certified and experienced staff provide a responsive and engaging curriculum to meet each child’s interests and strengths, and to address any areas of weakness, in a nurturing classroom. What makes Alcott School unique is that we also offer many special education programs and services to children with special needs. We strive to meet the developmental needs of every child and to provide support and education for our families.

Our approach is based on the belief that: a child learns best in a social environment which supports and respects their unique development.
Montessori classrooms are prepared learning environments designed with great care to allow children to be independent and successful as they explore each activity. The activities and equipment are designed to stimulate a child’s natural curiosity and creative abilities.

How can your preschool child benefit from a Montessori environment?

  • They will evolve as independent thinkers who confidently exercise their curiosity to explore and learn on their own.
  • They will be effective problem-solvers who develop the ability to make informed decisions and choices.
  • They will learn to manage their time fruitfully and independently.
  • They will apply strong communication skills that help them evolve as well-adjusted individuals.
  • They will be taught that their ideas are valued and respected.
  • They will learn to value the ideas and opinions of others.
  • They will develop a strong self-image that prepares them to handle life’s opportunities and challenges.

To facilitate the learning process, the classroom is divided into several learning centers. Click on one below to learn more about it:

Art & Construction
Practical Life
Science & Geography

Ours is a holistic approach to learning and development that has given thousands of children across Westchester County a quality start. We understand and respond to issues such as “school readiness” and developmental appropriateness.

We have three locations: 2 in Scarsdale, New York and 1 in Dobbs Ferry, New York.

The school awards scholarships to families that require financial assistance, and offers access to a high-quality early childhood experience and parent-training services that might not otherwise be affordable.

The Alcott School is a not for profit organization chartered by the New York State Board of Regents.